Santa Ynez, CA

Like most of you, I’ve been in awe of horses since I was a toddler. That’s a long time!

This one here I bred and wet-nursed into existence. A BIG bucket list item!

I love him and his barn mates beyond. For all of them,

I continually search out new and better ways to foster their good

health and well-being. Which led me, quite naturally and happily, to RAHF.

The principles for equine preservation and/or rehabilitation upon which

RAHF was founded are being put to work on this little fellow’s dam, as I write this.

I put my money where my heart is.

Freedom Feeder

Hello, My name is Melissa Auman.  I live in Tehachapi, California.  Every day I have the opportunity to heal horses by being a natural barefoot trimmer and by helping people to bring back their horse's natural eating behavior through my product, Freedom Feeder "Pasture in a Net".  It is though Freedom Feeder that I have become involved with Renew a Horse Foundation.  Our shared interest in educating and empowering horse owners to be part farrier, vet, trainer and nutritionist as well as loving caring caretakers has brought us together to reach out and plant seeds of knowledge.  It is our hopes that those seeds will germinate and grow for the benefit and well-being of the magnificent equines we strive to help live happier, healthier more natural lives.  Please visit my website, and learn more about more natural solutions for a healthier horse.

Friends of Renew A Horse Foundation

Riviera Equine
Internal Medicine & Consulting

Phoebe Smith was born and raised in Kentucky and graduated magna cum laude from Auburn University's
College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. She moved west to pursue an internship at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center then practiced general equine medicine in Southern California for two years before beginning residency training in internal medicine at UC Davis. Achieving board certification in Internal
Medicine in 2003, Dr. Smith returned to Alamo Pintado as a specialist, focusing on emergency/critical care, neonatal and internal medicine cases. In 2007, Dr. Smith was recruited by The Ohio State University, and accepted a position as clinical professor in Equine Internal Medicine. In addition to treating patients in the hospital, she instructed fourth year students in clinics and lectured extensively in this academic role. In 2010, she returned to the Santa Ynez Valley to raise her daughter and establish Riviera Equine.

Dr. Smith serves on multiple committees within the American Association of Equine Practitioners and the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. She is also an active member of the Mid Coast Veterinary Medical Association and presents continuing education lectures and wet labs around the country. She has published book chapters, peer-reviewed scientific and horse owner's articles on internal medicine topics.

Dr. Smith serves as a veterinary advisor to the Renew A Horse Foundation, believing that renewal of horses broken by sport is rewarding, timely, and sorely needed.

Ojai, California
My beloved horse Wenco is my friend, my healer, my teacher, my dance partner, and my joy.
Because of that I have been committed to being his steward so that he is healthy, happy, and sound.

In the past, I allowed trainers to tell me what is best for Wenco and for me as a dressage rider.
Unfortunately, that left Wenco with a torn suspensory in his hind leg, and me without my horse.

Thankfully, I am involved with Renew A Horse Foundation, which believes, as I do, that a certain level of awareness and education must take place before we can truly communicate, care for, and ride our horses well.

Wenco and I have been a part of the RAHF rehabilitation program for the past two years.  My ‘retired’ horse is happy to be working and teaching me once again.

Alix with Liberte, Austrian Warmblood Stallion formerly owned by Arthur Kottas of the Spanish Riding School, Vienna, Austria

Alix Kendall

My name is Alix Kendall, from Los Olivos, California. I am an entrepreneur. I have been astride horses since I was 4 years old. I am part of this Foundation as it answers a need in me to continue to be educated and grow..  Whether it be about  equine health, riding and training, long term care, developments in rehabilitation, mutual mentorship and empowerment with others, this is a lifetime journey and one I seek.  The Foundation provides this myriad of focus.

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Dr. Lisa Okuda, DVM