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Mission statement:


To prevent horses from becoming broken by sport.


To fix horses broken from sport.

To first and foremost do no harm!

In the world of equine sport the horse usually comes in last.


In the human rush to train, compete and win, it’s becoming evident that owners are putting success ahead of knowledge and skill.  As a result, there is evidence of increased psychological and physical damage being done to the horse.


More and more owners are using science to mask these injuries in order to continue their need for success and recognition.


The Foundation will serve to instruct and empower the owners, who direct the lives of these most generous of creatures.  Through education, lectures, clinics and participation in group efforts; the Foundation will extend its mission ‘to touch one person, one horse at a time.’


We welcome to our forum any modality of training or retraining, any healing art or skill and any educator who is providing a proven renewing capability for horses.


It is the goal of the Foundation to enhance awareness and bring consciousness and empowerment to the horse owner.  As stewards, we have the indisputable responsibility to create a kinder more compassionate relationship with our horses.


Together we will reach many, be heard and make a difference.